Meat Matters: You Are What You Eat

We are what we eat. Today I’m going to rap about why meat matters.

Animals concentrate the food they consume, and often filter out and store toxins in their body.

CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), or factory farms, feed animals toxic combinations of hormones, antibiotics, GMO corn soy and canola – saturated in bio-cides (pesticides, herbicides and petrol based fertilizers)- and even unsalable candy. That’s right folks – candy fed to cows.

Animals that are sick will not give your body the building blocks it needs to build a healthy brain – healthy immune system – healthy muscles – healthy teeth and bones.

Alternately, animals eating fresh rapidly growing grass, living under the sun concentrate powerful nutrients and provide the vitamins and minerals that support vibrant health.

I chose grass fed lamb or beef and pastured chicken. If you have access to a local farmer who will sell you a whole or half grass fed and finished lamb/cow, that is the best option. Grass fed options that I have seen in the grocery store have traveled all the way from New Zealand. Its a huge benefit to your local community when you can chose to keep your purchasing power where you live.

The same goes for dairy and eggs. Conventional CAFO products are from unhealthy animals that live a miserable, torturous existence. Its far better for health, for the animals  and for the community to choose local, organic, pastured eggs and grass fed dairy.

Consumers are demanding more and more wholesome products. If you don’t have a source of healthy protein near you, call some local farmers and ask them if they will produce what you want to buy. Look for local buying clubs, or ask your neighbors if they will join you and pool your resources to buy better food in bulk. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Choosing grass fed meat, dairy and pastured eggs is more expensive. To say otherwise would just be dishonest.  This means that I do eat less meat than I used to. I find that a little bit of meat really does go a long way.  My strategy is to focus on nutrient dense organic veggies, consumed with high quality fats to form the foundation of meals. I cook high quality meat in smaller portions, less often to balance nutrition, budget and all the delicious possibilities.

Words to live by:

You can pay the farmer now, or pay the doctor later.

I love this saying! Especially because choosing the farmer has far more delicious side effects!